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Monday, April 14, 2014

Team Teaching: A Story from the Field

Laura Deters, RN and Basic Nursing Assistant instructor at Lake Land College shares an interesting and inspiring story about an Accelerating Opportunity student. This student, who tested at a 4.2 reading level, didn’t meet the reading requirement to be accepted into the basic nursing accelerated program. Because of his demonstrated determination and expressed willingness to put in the needed hard work to achieve and make the broad reading improvements, this student was granted an exception and allowed to enter the program where most non-AO nursing students read above the 9.0 level.
With persistence and dedication from the student and with the help of both his team teachers, Deters and Aaron Hacker, Adult Education Instructor, this student finished the program at Lake Land! He fulfilled all of the state requirements for instruction and was an exceptional hands-on caregiver, but the state certification test still loomed ahead and everyone knew this test would be a challenge for him to pass with his reading and learning difficulties. Unfortunately he missed the passing criteria by only 4 points.
Deters and Hacker both encouraged the student to try again. They saw in him the potential to be an outstanding CNA and a true professional. It took a few months of motivating encouragement, but finally in November of 2013, he was ready to try again! The student came to Deters for review and tutoring. Working together, he was able to integrate and understand all of the needed information to be ready for another try at the state certification test.
After testing in early December, the wait for results was on with all involved anxiously awaiting the hoped for good news. Deters reports shortly before Christmas she received the desired phone call with the excited student relaying that he had passed! “It was the best Christmas present I could have received!” Deters said. “He had the drive and the willingness to succeed and Accelerating Opportunity gave him the support and structure he needed. It’s a win for all of us as now he will work and provide a needed service in our community.”
The winter 2014 Transitions Newsletter featured a story about the team teachers at Lake Land College. Visit the following link to read the story: http://www.siue.edu/SIPDC/Transitioning/Newsletter%20-Winter%202014.pdf

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